Information for Employers

The Wiltshire Psychology Service is pleased to offer an Employee Assistance Package. We welcome enquiries from employers throughout Wiltshire and beyond. We are able to offer therapeutic interventions for staff on a one-to-one basis and are also able to offer courses on stress management, building resilience and achieving a healthy work-life balance. We can come to your workplace for such courses.

Oxfordshire Leaf We are proud to work with some of Wiltshire’s largest private and public sector employers, providing a psychological assessment and treatment service. Once we have assessed members of staff, we can provide feedback and consultation to managers, human resources and occupational health. We work with staff at all levels in the company who may be on sick leave or at risk of going on sick leave. The most common difficulties we encounter are stress, depression and anxiety.

Using this approach, we have successfully reduced levels of long-term sickness, and have brought about a return of people to work in short timescales. On occasion, we train senior staff in how to manage and work with employees who suffer with stress and other mental health difficulties.

If you would like further information, please contact us.